Madeira Science Fair results

March 18, 2014
Hanna Powers ?15 presents Formula for the Perfect Grand Prix Horse

The annual Madeira Science Fair showcased many great projects from 126 students. Twenty judges from various scientific fields reviewed all 79 projects in four categories.

Junior-Senior Student Experimental Research

  • First Place: Good Vibrations by Cat Conran ’15 and Kim Lytle ’15
  • Second Place: Let it Glow by Ashleigh Brennan ’14 and Jessica Schwartz ’14
  • Third Place: Changing your Blood Pressure with Music by Katharine Jiang ’15 and Leah Zeng ’15
  • Honorable Mention: Light and its Effects on Circadian Rhythm of Pill Bugs by Gloria Li ’14, How Hot is Too Hot by Maddie Edwards ’14 and Shelby Wildish ’14, and Buildings under Attack! by Rosario Garcia-Chinchilla ’15 and Sophie Kim ’15  

Freshman-Sophomore Student Experimental Research

  • First Place: Filter in a Bottle by Nora Canellakis ’16 and Mona Hagmagid ’16
  • Second Place: Sound with Senses by Sophia Beneski ’16 and Sophia Luwis ’16
  • Third Place: Does My Laundry Affect the Environment? by Soleil Ephraim ’17 and Claire Simpson ’17
  • Honorable Mention: Effect of Music on Concentration by Carson Peters ’16 and Gaelyn Smith ’16

Junior-Senior Student Literature Research

  • First Place (tie): Stroop Effect by Annika Adstedt ’15 and Amy Grouse ’15
  • First Place (tie): Movement of Electrons by Jody Baik ’14 and Sarah Kang ’15
  • Second Place: Polarizers by Toulia Nwabunnia ’14
  • Third Place: Formula for the Perfect Grand Prix Horse by Hanna Powers ’15

Freshman-Sophomore Student Literature Research

  • First: Freedom From Gravity by Faith Slaughter ’16
  • Second Place: Hubble Telescope by Aundia MehrRostami ’16 and McKenzie Melville ’16
  • Third Place(tie): Harvesting the Sun by Julia Wells ’16
  • Third Place(tie): ADHD by Tara Dilmaghani ’16 and Sofia Dragacevac ’16
  • Honorable Mention: Binaural Beats by Jacquelyn Tidd ’16

Awarded prizes to a total of 19 projects, which were done by 32 students.