Madeira offers live streaming of graduation

May 24, 2016

Madeira is pleased to announce the live streaming of the 2016 commencement ceremony on June 3 at 10:30 a.m. Watch the ceremony online at www.gobleachers.com/madeira.

There are two easy ways to view: 

Option 1: Activate or log in to your account

1. Go to GoBleachers.com/Madeira

2. Click on “Activate Account”

3. Follow the on-screen steps, log in once you’re finished

(If you already have an account, log-in as usual)

Option 2: Guest access/No registration required

Note: This option is for computer viewing only.

1. Go to GoBleachers.com/Madeira

2. Click on the corresponding event button

3. Sign the guest book, enjoy!

Mobile Viewing:

To watch on an Apple or Android device, please set up a free account and download the Bleachers Mobile App.

If you would like to purchase a professionally produced copy of these events as a family keepsake or memento, you can do so through www.gobleachers.com/madeira. The DVDs will cost approximately $40 plus tax and a digital download will be approximately $30 plus tax. BLEACHERS will handle payment process and fulfillment. Please contact Bleachers directly with any questions: 855-462-5322 or support@gobleachers.com.


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