Madeira Karate Students Receive Recognition and Rank

December 20, 2016

Twenty students received recognition and rank in USA Goju Karate for their contributions to the Madeira Dojo. Throughout the term, students developed empty-handed techniques including blocks, strikes, kicks, judo throws, kata (forms) and sparring combinations with an emphasis on self-defense applications.  Higher ranking students also had the opportunity to work with the five-foot staff (bo).  A highlight of the module was the preparation and demonstration of kata, weapons, board breaking, and throwing techniques at the Winter Pep Rally. Along with the physical training, students developed mental focus, self-confidence, cooperative spirit, and leadership skills.  Based on proficiency of technique, time in grade, and personal growth and development students received promotions to various ranks in USA Goju Karate as listed below.

San-kyu ho (brown stripe on purple belt):  Maddie Clemente ’17 – This is a preparatory rank for brown belt testing upon continued commitment and training.

Yon kyu (purple belt):  Rachel Bamberger ’18 and Shiye (Sally) Cao ’18

Yon-kyu ho (purple stripe on green belt):  Olivia Levin ’17 – This is a preparatory rank for purple belt testing upon continued commitment and training.

Go kyu (green belt):  Zoe Brauchli ’19

Roku kyu (two-stripe white belt):  Soleil Ephraim ’17 and Zixuan (Charlotte) Zhao ’18

Shichi kyu (one-stripe white belt):  SarahKate Clarke ’17, Nicole Kolmstetter ’17, Ciara O’Donoghue ’18, Stella Adler’19, Lily Hunt ’20, Kassandra (KC) Jordan ’20, Nisreen Marabe ’20, Grace Morgan ’20, Gabrielle Russo ’20, Marrion Rutkowsky ’20, Aashna Sharma ’20, and Jieyu (Jessica) Wang ‘20

In addition, ranking green belt Layla Khan ’19 provided outstanding leadership this term and received the coveted USA Goju patch.  

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the instructor, Dr. Stacey Boyette (Science Department).  Dr. Boyette has over 38 years of martial arts experience, holds the rank of 7th degree black belt, and is thrilled to be celebrating 10 years of karate at Madeira.

Omedeto Gozaimasu, Madeira Karate!