Madeira Karate ? Strong in Our Girls

May 30, 2013

On May 9, fifteen girls were promoted to their next belt level or received special honors in USA Goju Karate at the Madeira Dojo. Throughout the term, students developed empty hand and stick fighting techniques. Empty handed training involved blocks, strikes, kicks, forms, and sparring, while stick work included blocking and striking patterns and disarming techniques for self-defense. In addition to physical skills, students enhanced their mental focus, self-confidence, cooperation, and leadership. The following promotions were received:

Yon kyu (purple belt): Alison Branitsky ’14 - Alison is one of only five students to have obtained this rank in the history of the Madeira Dojo.

Yon-kyu ho (purple stripe on green belt):  Anna Bradley ’14 and Ashley Ma ’15 – This is a preparatory rank for purple belt testing in a subsequent trimester.

Go kyu (green belt):  Rebecca Leidenheimer ’16

Roku kyu (two-stripe white belt):  Ann Tait Hall ’16, Kita Konerth ’16, and Casey Yuan ‘14

Shichi kyu (one-stripe white belt):  Taylor Chung ’16, Sofia Dragacevac ’16, Michelle Hong ’16, Juna Khang ’16, Sophia Luwis ‘16, and Kelleen Moriarty ‘15

In addition, Julia Berley ’15 and Janet Wang ‘15, both ranking go kyu (green belt), provided outstanding leadership this term and received the coveted USA Goju patch.

The karate activity will be offered again in the fall trimester. All students are welcome to participate.

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