Madeira karate finishes in style

April 2, 2015
Class of 2015 karate students with Dr. Boyette

As part of the Winter Athletics assembly, the Module 5 karate class presented a demonstration including empty-handed kata, weapons kata, partner drills, board breaking, and throwing techniques. Throughout the module, students had studied these techniques as well as bo staff and sparring. By the end of the module 7 students were recognized or promoted to their next belt level in USA Goju Karate based on proficiency of physical skill, demonstration of personal growth, and time in grade. The following promotions were received:

Ni Kyu (two-stripe brown belt): Julia Berley ’15 and Ashley Ma ’15

San kyu ho (brown stripe on purple belt): Catarina Conran ’15

Yon kyu (purple belt): Ji Hee (Taylor) Chung ’16, Ann Tait Hall ’16, and Cherry Yan ’15

Go kyu (green belt): Rachel Bamberger ’18, Shiye (Sally) Cao ’18, Yoon Soo (Lily) Hyon ’16, Yunru (Isabella) Pan ’15, Sibei (Sarah) Wang ’15, and Yuqin (Anne) Yang ’16

Roku kyu (two-stripe white belt): Kerstin Shimkin ’17 and Tianshu (Bella) Zhong ‘15

Shichi kyu (one-stripe white belt): Maria (Rosario) Garcia-Chinchilla ’15 and Jiayu (Julia) Zheng ‘18

Additionally, Mary Madeline (Maddie) Clemente ’17 who holds the rank of green belt received the coveted USA Goju patch. The dojo would like to thank all of the graduating seniors who have trained in the karate program for their contributions and leadership during their time at Madeira.

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