Madeira IEA team wins second show

November 6, 2015
Rachel Michael '16

Congratulations to the Madeira IEA team for winning their second show of the season. Thank you to all of the parents, staff, and students for your work in making our first home show a wonderful success. The team will be back in action again Sunday, November 15, at home.  

Team Results:

Madeira  44 pts

Foxcroft  30 pts

Meadowbrook  23 pts

Cavallo Farm  21 pts

Stone Gate 17 pts



Individual Results:

Madeira Riders

Jacey Albaugh - 2nd Open Fences, 3rd Open Flat

Karina Atkins - 2nd Walk/Trot, 2nd Walk/Trot/Canter

Ava Brugger - 4th Novice Flat

Charlotte Burch - 3rd Open Fences, 2nd Open Flat

Emily Cyrway - 1st Walk/Trot, 1st, Walk/Trot/Canter

Ally Edwards - 1st Novice Fences, 1st Novice Flat

Lizzy Isacson - 6th Novice Fences, 3rd Novice Flat

Emma Knisley - 2nd Novice Fences, 2nd Novice Flat

Emily Leins - 1st Intermediate Flat

Rachel Michael - 1st Intermediate Fences, 4th Intermediate Flat

Bailey Petty - 4th Novice Fences, 6th Novice Flat

Isabel Ruffin - 6th Novice Fences, 5th Novice Flat

Mollie Thomas - 1st Open Fences, 6th Open Flat

Claire Womack - 1st Intermediate Fences, 5th Open Flat


Middle School Community Riders

Kate Knight - 4th Future Intermediate OF, 6th Future Intermediate Flat

Yara Sigvaldason - 5th Future WT, 6th Future WTC

Ella Stux - 1st Future WT, 1st Future WTC


Ribbons Isabel Ruffin

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