Madeira girls continued to thrive in the karate activity program

November 29, 2012

Twenty-one new and returning trainees filled the ranks for the fall trimester. Throughout the term, students learned a variety of strikes utilizing elbows, knees, hands, and feet and how to apply them in self-defense situations, sparring drills, and patterned sequences (kata). A highlight of the term was during Parents’ Weekend when the girls had a chance to demonstrate kata, partner drills, bag work, and board breaking for their friends and family. The term culminated with belt testing on November 1, during which students exhibited proficiency of techniques and strength of character. The class ended with students promotions according to their level of execution and time in grade. 

Go kyu (green belt):  Nana Acquah ’15, Yuanxin (Ashley) Ma ’15, and Raorao (Cherry) Yan ’15

Roku kyu (two-stripe white belt):  Jacqueline Beaulieu ’15 and Xiaowei (Janet) Wang ’15

Shichi kyu (one-stripe white belt):  Laney Flaesch ’16, Mona Hagmagid ’16, Rebecca Leidenheimer ’16, Elizabeth Leslie ’16, Stephanie Michas ’15, Carson Peters ’16, MacGregor Ruffin ’13, Kyra Smith ’16, Devan Smith-Brown ’13, Keertana Srinivasan ’14, Rachael Weininger ’16, Julia Wells ’16, and Meng (Casey) Yuan ’14.

Additionally, Anna Bradley and Alison Branitsky, both ranking green belt, provided outstanding leadership this term and received the coveted USA Goju patch.

The karate activity is offered every trimester and students who try the class for one trimester often return for subsequent training. Karate is taught by Dr. Stacey Boyette from the Science Department; she has over 30 years of experience in the martial arts and is thrilled to share her passion for karate with Madeira girls. The karate activity meets from 4:30-5:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in the basement of the health center.