Madeira alumna becomes the most winning female contestant on Jeopardy

May 2, 2014

Julia Collins ’01 held on to her eight-day winning streak, making her the winningest female contestant in Jeopardy’s 30 year history. In nine games, she has won a total of $200,000. 

Following Madeira, Julia earned her undergraduate degree, double majoring in art history and history, from Wellesley College and master's in engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  

Julia's time at Madeira, in and out of the classroom, has proven to be very useful as she continues to rack up her number of wins on Jeopardy! Her AP history classes with Mr. Campbell helped her answer a number of questions in various categories, but Julia credits her stimulating, intellectual and bright Madeira friends and classmates with keeping her mind sharp and active: "I love that the faculty taught us and encouraged us to learn while we were inside and outside of the classroom. The people I have met through Madeira continue to be some of the most interesting people I know. "

The Madeira Alumnae Council member tweets about her experiences on Jeopardy using the twitter handle @jeopardyjulia. She tweeted this morning “Hey, @madeiraschool, I tried to function in disaster, finish in style on @Jeopardy. The hardest part is to remain calm in your center!”

She definitely has been finishing in style! 

Check your local listings to watch Julia compete on Jeopardy! 


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