Latin students earn awards at Virginia Junior Classical League's Latin Convention

December 3, 2012
Team Madeira at VLJCL Convention

On November 18 and 19, five students (Beatrice Werness ’13, Maddie Klaff ’13, Victoria Turnbill ’13, Lauren Johnson ’14, and Danielle  Schwartz ’16) joined over 1,400 students from public, private, and home schools at the Virginia Junior Classical League’s Latin Convention in Richmond, VA. The girls had fun competing in a wide range of contests, from academics to visual, graphic, and creative arts. At the convention, lectures and seminars were conducted by college professors and other presenters (Discamus sessions); there was a Roman banquet, a talent show, dance, karaoke, spirit competition, Latin team Jeopardy (Certamen), and games related to Classics (Ludi Frivoli).

Madeira students won a total of 11 awards in both graphic arts and academic tests. First time attendee Danielle Schwartz ’16 (level I) won one graphic art award in addition to three academic awards: 10th place in greeting cards, 5th place in Latin derivatives, 5th place in Latin mottoes, abbreviations, etc., and 1st place in reading comprehension I. Victoria Turnbill ’13 (level 5+) won 8th place in the academic test on Latin Prose. Finally, Lauren Johnson ’14 (level 4) took home five art awards and two academic awards: 4th place black pen, 3rd place colored pencil, 3rd place photography, 2nd place pastel, 2nd place colored ink, 10th place Latin mottoes, and 8th place Latin literature. In addition, she won 8th place sweepstakes, which measures the overall score for one’s level.

Overall, the Madeira girls, while a small delegation, still flourished at the 2012 VLJCL Convention. The next step for these successful girls? The 2013 National Convention in Las Vegas, NV.

Madeira alumna, Taylor Johnson ’11 was voted 2012-2013 Senior Classical League (SCL) treasurer. Congrats to our fellow snail!