Latin convention results

December 23, 2013

On November 24 and 25, 2013, nine students (Briana Harrington ’17, Lauren Johnson ’14, Michaela Laurencin ’15, Annie Liu ’15, Charlotte Macintosh ’14, Jessica Schwartz ’14, Danielle Schwartz ’16, and Diana Smith ’17) represented The Madeira School at the Virginia Classical League Latin Convention in Richmond. They joined over 1,500 students from public, private, and home schools all around Virginia. The girls had a lot of fun competing in a wide range of contests, from academics to visual, graphic, and creative arts. At the convention, lectures and seminars  were conducted by college professors and other presenters (Discamus sessions); there was a Roman banquet, a talent show, a dance, karaoke, spirit competition, Latin team Jeopardy (Certamen), and games related to Classics (Ludi Frivoli).  Each girl took four to six multiple-choice tests and competed in various contests.  All our girls took home at least one award this year!  (Results below) As a group The Madeira School won first place in the spirit competition against 200 other schools! Congratulations to all our students who participated and a big thanks to Mrs. Zartman-Ball who chaperoned, along with Madeira alumna, Taylor Johnson ’11.

  • Briana Harrington: 5th place in chart(ga), 6th place in life, 6th place in derivatives, 6th place in mytholocy, and 4th place in vocab
  • Michaela Laurencin: 5th place in chart(ga), 7th place in life, and 3rd place in derivatives
  • Lauren Johnson: 2nd place in felt pen(ga), 4th place in water-color(ga), and 9th place in history
  • Annie Liu: 10th place in poetry
  • Charlotte Macintosh: 9th place in derivatives
  • Danielle Schwartz: 8th place in chart(ga)
  • Jessica Schwartz: 9th place in life, 7th place in derivatives
  • Diana Smith: 1st place in felt pen(ga), 7th place in chart(ga), 2nd place in life, 9th place in pentathlon.

Key: Graphic Arts = (ga)