Honorable visit for Madeira karate

February 16, 2015

Module 4 karate began with the Madeira dojo being honored by the visit of Hanshi Keith Teller on Friday, January 16, 2015. Hanshi Teller is a 10th degree black belt, the chief instructor of the Gainesville Dojo (Florida), and the teacher of Kyoshi Stacey Boyette. He is also a middle school dean with a master’s degree in Sports Science who understands and loves working with adolescents. During his visit, Sensei Teller put the students through their paces, gave them pointers on their kata, and taught them combative stick fighting techniques. By the end of the module 16 students were recognized or promoted to their next belt level in USA Goju Karate based on proficiency of physical skill, demonstration of personal growth, and time in grade. The following promotions were received:

  • Shichi dan (7th degree black belt): Stacey Boyette
  • Yon kyu ho (purple stripe on green belt): Ji Hee (Taylor) Chung ’16, Ann Tait Hall ’16, and Cherry Yan ’15
  • Go kyu (green belt): Mary Madeline (Maddie) Clemente ’17
  • Roku kyu (two-stripe white belt): Jiayue (Cindy) Bai ’16, Rachel Bamberger ’18, Brooke Baragar ’18, Sibei (Sarah) Wang ’15, and Yuqin (Anne) Yang ’16
  • Shichi kyu (one-stripe white belt): Katharine Jiang ’15 and Tianshu (Bella) Zhong ’15

Additionally, Mandy Margaret Reilly ’16 who holds the rank of green belt and Catarina Conran ’15 who holds the rank of purple belt received the coveted USA Goju patch and pin, respectively. Ranking brown belts, Julia Berley ’15 and Ashley Ma ‘15 received the gratitude of their sensei for outstanding leadership and dedication to the dojo.