Graduation day 2014

June 3, 2014
Speaker Toulia Nwabunnia '14 gave a moving speech to her class

It was a picture perfect day for the 2014 commencement ceremony held May 23, 2014 at Madeira. Enjoy this video recap of the day. Our graduation speaker, Representative John Lewis (D-GA), who has had a long relationship with Madeira having hosted junior Co-Curriculum interns on Capitol Hill office for more than 13 years spoke to the graduating seniors about the opportunities that lie ahead:

As you leave here and go off to college, I want you to find a way to be the best possible person you can be. You will be the leaders of the 21st Century. It doesn't matter whether you are from America or China or South Africa, or whether you’re from South America or the Middle East, you have a moral obligation – a mission and a mandate – to get out and lead.

You are smart. You’ll be smart in college, smart on your job, smart in whatever you do. Find a way to speak up and speak out. Be bold! Be courageous!

My generation – another generation of young people – stood up by sitting down and sitting in, by taking a ride. Get out there and lead. You must be a headlight and not a taillight.

Ms. Cabeza de Vaca describes the day and shares excerpts of her speech to students on her blog post, “Four Years Gone: Farewell to the Class of 2014.”

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The commencement ceremony in its entirety will be posted online June 15.

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