Global travel and exchanges for 2014-2015

September 26, 2014

On September 19, Assistant Head of School Andre Withers began the All School Meeting with an inspiring message to all Madeira girls, encouraging them to believe their opportunities are limitless, that they can be the change agents of the future, and that even though Madeira is a girls' school, there are lots of supportive men in our community and in their lives. Knowledge and powerful experiences, like those had in Madeira’s Co-Curriculum program and experiencing other cultures, are key ingredients for creating great leaders. At this All School Meeting, girls learned about powerful global experiences had by their classmates and were encouraged to participate in one of these, either by hosting a student or going on a trip, this year. Watch the complete ASM here.

Global Travel and Exchange Programs for 2014-2015 include:

French Exchange (April/ June)

The Madeira School participates in an exchange program with Centre Madeleine Daniélou, an all-girls K-12 private school in the western suburbs of Paris, in Rueil Malmaison. For ten days, students from both schools visit their exchange families, attend certain classes and visit Paris/Washington. They visit tourist sites including museums and attend performances in their host city. Centre Madeleine Daniélou visits Madeira in April. Madeira students visit France in June, shortly after graduation. Email Ms. Catalina Keilhauer for more information.

Italy “Classical Summer” Exchange (June-July)

The Classical Summer Program is a three week trip to Italy at the end of June to mid-July, 2015. During the first week Madeira students will stay with Italian families in Florence, while they take classes in Italian, Art History, and Ancient Mediterranean History and do site visits in and around Florence. During the second week they will stay in the heart of Rome, as well as a villa on the Bay of Naples, continuing their studies and site visits. For the third week they travel to Lecce in Puglia, where they spend their days digging in a pre-Roman site and learning all aspects of archaeology. There are one to two scholarships available. Email Ms. Ann MacLean for more information.

Summer Sustainability Congress with Hawai’I Prep School (June)

Last summer, we had an awesome time going to Hawai’i and working with Hawai’i Prep students to “educate others about a zero-waste mindset.” We had so much fun seeing the beautiful places on the Big Island and developing ways to teach others about conservation that we will be reciprocating this year. Hawai'i Prep will be bringing some students to the East Coast, and we plan to have a similarly great adventure in Washington, D.C.

The theme of this trip is to focus on water preservation. Not only will students be learning about the sustainability issues that face the Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay, but they will lobby government officials and our representatives in an effort to make the change that is needed. The Hawai’i Prep students and Madeira students will be sharing a house in Washington, D.C., possibly in Dupont Circle. Just like we did last summer, we’ll prepare our own meals (including shopping for them and cleaning up after ourselves), we’ll visit beautiful sites, we’ll learn a great deal, and we’ll have an amazingly fun time! Email Ms. Reyna Pratt for more information.

Co-Curriculum Learnership in Peru (June)

Students will intern with nonprofit organizations tied directly to the local community, as well as experience all the beauty Cuzco and the surrounding communities have to offer. Students will have the opportunity to build upon the work produced by Madeira girls before them, and work towards paving a new path for Madeira girls in the years to come. Email Ms. Whitney Morgan or Ms. Chandra Smith for more information.

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