Girls attend Expedition K2M: The STEM Summit

February 20, 2014

Bright and early the morning of Saturday, February 8, thirteen intrepid Madeira students traveled with Ms. Pratt to Foxcroft School to compete against girls from area schools at Expedition K2M: The STEM Summit. A total of seven schools and 20 teams competed in a biology challenge (“Identify the Different Leaves”), a chemistry challenge (“All Mixed Up” – separate the household chemicals), a math challenge (Who Killed Cal Culus?), an engineering challenge (determine the best material to help this scoliosis patient), and a physics challenge (use this material to design a rollercoaster with the highest hill that will maximize the horizontal range of the marble).

Madeira had three different teams, each of which had plenty of spirit and enthusiasm for the contest. We even met up with Stephanie Volk, ’03, who is a senior development engineer at K2M, a spinal device engineering company. While we didn’t win any medals this year, one of our students was overheard to say, “What better way to spend a Saturday morning?” Well played, Mad STEM girls! 

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