Forensic science in real life

December 17, 2012
Students in the Forensic Science class visit the Fairfax City Police Department

Fourteen Madeira girls from the Forensic Science class visited the Fairfax City Police Department on Monday, December 10. The class was hosted by Detective Trey Leightley who quizzed the students on their forensic knowledge and gave personal examples of how specific types of evidence have been used in real cases. The students toured the digital forensics lab, the evidence processing lab, and the surveillance and crime scene vans.

Detective Leightley demonstrated ninhydrin and super glue fingerprinting techniques and allowed several students to collect pre-staged shoe prints using an electrostatic dust print lifter and a three-dimensional casting material. The field trip highlighted all that the girls had studied in this one-semester course and connected their theoretical knowledge with real-world practices.