Field renovation underway

June 10, 2016

On June 2, 2016, Head of School Pilar Cabeza de Vaca, Assistant Head of School Andre Withers, Board President Catherine Shraga ’70 and Athletic Director Sue Cabot, officially broke ground on the athletic fields.

Pre-construction on the athletic fields began in late May and steady progress has been made. The grass that once covered the lacrosse/field hockey fields has been cleared and dirt is being brought in to level the lower field with the upper field. A retaining wall that extends from the tennis courts down to edge of the lower fields is partially completed.

After much research on the quality and safety of the available turf product options, a 100% organic infill product called GeoFill, which is made of 90% coconut husk and 10% cork, was chosen. This product has been used worldwide since 2005, and is widely considered to be the most environmentally-friendly infill choice for synthetic turf fields. This product allows for clean water runoff, is 100% recyclable and is naturally resistant to mold and fungus. The durable turf field provides natural footing and is engineered for traction and performance. Also, GeoFill systems are cooler due to the fact that the composition of materials holds in moisture. Madeira will be one of a handful of high schools in the country to feature these newest, technically-advanced materials.

After studying all options, this field was chosen because it reflected Madeira’s commitment to excellence and innovation, and is the best for the community. The additional shock pad adds to the protection of players while the fiber and infill products chosen are the best for safety, performance, and playability – and for the environment.  We look forward to seeing Madeira fans at the enhanced facilities this fall. 

Check out more photos of the field renovation