Emily Dickinson one-woman show performances

December 12, 2013
Lauren Johnson '14 as Emily Dickinson

Ms. Sokolov's Senior English class "Emily and Friends" performed one-woman shows in Main Living Room today. The final project for the course on Emily Dickinson’s life was acted out by the students using Dickinson's poetry, letters, and her favorite authors.  Each student selected and researched a focus of Emily Dickinson’s life, such as an important person to her, a hobby, or a philosophy or lifestyle choice.  Each show makes use of Dickinson’s own words from her poetry and letters, but also contains the student’s own interpretation of what Dickinson might have said about the topic, and how she might have felt.  These pieces, therefore, are creative, but are grounded in scholarly research and truth.

In addition, the audience got to enjoy a taste of Emily Dickinson's Gingerbread, from a recipe transcribed in the book Emily Dickinson: Profile of the Poet as Cook. The recipe can be found on the Emily Dickinson Museum website.

The students in order of their appearance:

Sheerin Gryloo…”Emily Dickinson and her relationship with her dog, Carlo”

Emily Glamb…”Rhyme and Recipe: Emily Dickinson’s Genius in the Kitchen”

Nadia Nobrega…”Nature is a Beautiful Thing: Dickinson’s relationship to Nature”

Natalya Khan…”Emily Dickinson’s Relationship with her Sister-in-law, Sue”

Anna Bradley…”Mysterious Love: Dickinson’s infatuation with the Unknown Master”

Carilynn Peyton…”The Embodiment of Youth and Joy: Dickinson’s relationship to her nephew Gilbert Dickinson”

Michaela Saunders…”From Total Disgust to an Inkling of Trust: The Beginning of Emily Dickinson’s Relationship with Mabel Loomis Todd”

Lauren Johnson…”Oh my Lord!”: Dickinson’s Late Life Love Affair "                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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