Emily Dickinson and Friends final project: part research, part creative writing, part performance

December 17, 2012
Seniors in the "Emily Dickinson and Friends" English elective performed for teachers and their peers in Main Living Room.

The final project for the senior English elective, Emily Dickinson and Friends, required each student to select and research a focus of Emily Dickinson’s life, such as an important person to her, hobby, philosophy, or lifestyle choice. Students’ shows had to make use of Dickinson’s own words from her poetry and letters, and contain the students’ own interpretation of what Dickinson might have said about the topic, and how she might have felt. The outcome of this assignment is, therefore, creative but grounded in scholarly research and truth.

The list of performances included: The Genius Student: A Dramatization of Emily Dickinson at the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, by Natalie Konerth; Letters of God: Dickinson’s Stance on Christianity, by Vanessa Thomas; Dickinson’s War: Emily Dickinson and Her Views on the Civil War, by Clara Zou; Like Mother Like Daughter: Dickinson in the Kitchen, by Likando Kumoyo; Blossoming Love: Gardening and Romance in Emily Dickinson’s Life by Caroline Ruffing; Alone with her Plants: A Look into Emily Dickinson’s Love for her Garden, by Nadia Garcia; Grief from the Affair: Dickinson’s Strife as a Result of her Brother, Austin’s Affair, by Kali Murphy; “Drama’s Vitalist Expression is the Common Day”: Shakespeare’s Influence on the Life of Emily Dickinson, by Reid O’Connor; The Woman in White, by Maddie Ball; and Nearing the End: Dickinson’s Poor Physical Health, by Beatrice Werness.