Culture clubs educate and entertain at All School Meeting

March 6, 2014

At the 2014 Madeira Culture Club All School Meeting the Madeira community learned about tourist attractions in Korea, watched Bollywood films evolve, enjoyed the beautiful sounds of Chinese instruments, and heard the powerful words from many in the BSU.

The program, which was designed entirely by the student-run clubs, began with members of the Black Student Union (BSU) giving a moving performance, in which each students shared something about themselves starting with “I am…” Who knew so few words could be so moving? Later in the program, members recited the poems, The Ballad of Birmingham, A Song in the Front Yard, Won’t You Celebrate with Me, Phenomenal Woman, and Still I Rise, which are all written by Black poets. The girls performed confidently and beautifully.

The Korean Student Association (KSA) gave us a taste of K-pop, a popular musical genre that originated from South Korea, which started formulating in 1992 and is now very popular in other Asian countries and even America. After the dance, Celine Xing’15 and Valerie Yuan’17 performed a beautiful, soothing piece on the piano and the dizi, a Chinese instrument resembling a flute. Students from South Asian Students Association (SASA) danced to fast-paced music in traditional garments. Their fluid and quick movements made them seemed like stars of a Bollywood film.

All culture clubs came together for a cultural fashion show to model traditional clothes from their countries. The runway show demonstrated how traditional patterns and materials are utilized in modern, mainstream clothing design as well.

Between these fun-filled performances, the audience learned about different places in Korea, foods served in each culture, the trending dramas and music in China, and what Madeira girls felt about their culture and their background. The hard work of club heads and members paid off; students and teachers were thoroughly entertained and educated at the ASM. 

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