Countdown to graduation begins for seniors

February 20, 2013

Seniors celebrated 100 Days, a Madeira tradition, on February 19. With just 100 days until graduation, each class presented seniors with a gift and a few words during the ceremony.

Senior Class Presidents, Maddie Klaff (M) and Shanice Smith-Banks (S) addressed the student body:

(S) Traditionally, we would be giving you advice for how to succeed and make it to senior year but if you don't know already; we REALLY like to brag about our amazing class.

(M) So, we're going to switch things up and show you just how incredible we are and remind you again, just in case you've forgotten, how talented the class of 2013 is and how much you're going to miss us in just 100 days.

(S) Members of the senior class, individuals from this lovely group of girl’s right here have done the following:

  • saved a child from drowning
  • assisted in a brain surgery
  • published a novel
  • qualified for nationals for Irish dance
  • was elected top debater in the mid-Atlantic state region
  • hasn’t had to pull an all-nighter yet...(that makes one of us)
  • won honorable mention in a photography contest
  • voted in the election
  • survived jaw surgery
  • traveled to New York by herself on a train...and she isn't even from this country!
  • wore jeans....TWICE in one month. (IMPRESSIVE)
  • made it through first semester senior year with six classes, three APs, college apps, and no lunch period....(rough life)
  • still came to school even though she's already into college...(the struggle is real)

(M) We only have ONE major accomplishment left...to graduate. But ladies, let's do it with grace, enthusiasm, and fun.

(S) Let's leave our legacy behind and make sure the class of 2014, and all those following have BIG shoes to fill -- like I’m talking size 15.

(M) To all of you we are extremely grateful for the support you have given us throughout the past four years and the gifts we’ve received today…and to our senior sisters…

Happy 100 Days!

Student Life Parents