CNN?s Chris Cuomo calls in for history talk

March 17, 2015

The Global Religions history class had an exciting guest via Skype on Thursday, March 12.

Chris Cuomo, CNN news anchor for “New Day,” joined the class in a conversation about religious extremism, a topic they had been examining as the module was coming to a close. “I find that students want what they're learning validated, either by me or others,” said Mr. Jeff Meade the class teacher who approached Mr. Cuomo via Twitter. “So, I try to invite experts and thought leaders into the classroom to allow the students a variety of voices on subjects they are learning about.”

When Mr. Cuomo joined the classroom via Skype, students had been discussing the term “religious extremist." They thought over the difference between terrorist and extremist. So, one of the questions students asked Mr. Cuomo was what the dangers were, if any, of calling terrorists who are Muslim, religious extremists. You can view his answer in the video below.

Not only did Mr. Cuomo answer questions, but he challenged the students with his own questions. The conversation took and interesting turn when Mr. Cuomo asked students what they thought about the recent letter sent to Iran from 46 Republican senators. When students responded that they thought it was a bad move, Mr. Cuomo played the role of someone who disagreed, and defended the letter. A short debate ensued.   

“I really appreciated Mr. Cuomo challenging the students with tough questions,” said Mr. Meade. “It was a great experience for our girls.”

Students in Mr. Meade’s Module 6 classes can expect a few guests as well. DJ Spooky, the Wallach Gallery, and Smithsonian Institutes Traveling Exhibits will join the class in a conversation about Romare Bearden on March 26. Seniors in Religion & Morality will Skype with Paul Boghossian, philosophy professor at New York University about his op-ed "Maze of Moral Relativism."