Business Office announcement

September 11, 2013

Dear Madeira Parents and Guardians:

We are all looking forward to each of our students experiencing a successful and rewarding school year. While we hope that your daughter enjoys great health and thrives academically, we recognize the financial hardship that can be associated with withdrawal from school due to accident or illness.  Accordingly, we are pleased to advise you of an insurance program, Tuition Refund Insurance Plan from A.W.G. DEWAR, Inc. (DEWAR), which will minimize your financial loss if your daughter must withdraw from school for any of the reasons covered by the plan.

In cases of accident or illness, the plan assures you a 100% refund throughout the term. A 60% refund applies in cases of “psychological” withdrawals as defined in the plan document.

Click here to review the plan information. We strongly encourage you to read the full plan document and if you wish to participate in the plan please email the Business Office with your daughter’s name by September 25, 2013

We believe that this insurance is a great benefit to our families and strongly recommend that all the families here at Madeira make use of it.

Please contact DEWAR directly at (617) 744-1555 if you have any questions regarding the Tuition Benefit Plan.