Announcements from the Dean of Students

September 12, 2015

Below are a few of the topics which we want to remind you and your daughter about as we embark on a new year.  Some of these are refreshers from last year while others are new items.  All of these can be found in the Student Parent Handbook and you can feel free to contact the Dean of Students office (703-556-8211) with any questions.


  • Unreported Absences: An absence about which neither the student nor the family has notified the Academic Office.  The first occurrence is an infraction.  Subsequent unreported absences count as one absence for each class missed. At this point one unreported absence results in a GIB. Further definition: Deliberately skipping part or all class or activity; accidentally missing at least 25 minutes of class; parents’ failure to report a student before 25 minutes into first class; failure to obtain teacher’s signature on yellow sheet.   If an adult has to come find you it is an automatic unreported absence.  D Block is included here.
  • Devices: Members of the community are expected to refrain from using their devices when they are mobile. Devices should not be seen at all when community members are walking from place to place (the one exception is the area between the barn and the tennis courts.) If a student is found to be in violation of these expectations, she should expect to have the device taken away and/or have the infraction reported to the Dean of Students Office. Parents are always able to make contact with their daughter by calling the Adult-On-Duty desk at 703-556-8211.
  • Boarding Students Return to Campus: Students who are off campus on a Green Card or White Card must return to campus by the stated deadlines: on Friday and Saturday students must return by 10:45pm; Sunday–Thursday Seniors must return by 9:30pm and Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors must return by 7:15pm.  If you cannot make it back by the deadline, we will ask that the student spend the night at home and return to campus the following morning.
  • On Campus Weekends: For five weekends each school year we require boarding students to remain on campus for the weekend in order to participate in the on and off campus activities which are planned. These weekends afford us an opportunity to build community and dorm spirit, and as such, we ask your cooperation to ensure that your daughter does not have conflicts on these weekends. The three remaining On-Campus Weekends are December 11-13, February 5-7, and April 8-10; they can always be found on the “important dates” page on the website as well.
  • Day Student Hours on Campus: Day girls are welcome to stay through dinner and into study hall. If a ninth grade, sophomore, or junior day girl will be staying for study hall, she is expected to spend the duration of that time in the lecture hall, library, or computer labs (whichever location applies to her grade). Students are expected to abide by all study hall rules while they are on campus. Parents are encouraged to pick up students outside of the student center or the library. All day students who are not spending the night, must be off campus by 9:30 p.m.
  • Driving/Parking on Campus: Students are expected to park in the lower parking lot adjacent to the student center. Seniors have a senior privilege of parking at the front of this lot in the spaces marked in yellow.  The School reserves the right to suspend or revoke driving privileges for students who violate the expectations listed in the Student Parent Handbook.
  • Day Student Overnights: Boarding students are encouraged to invite day students to visit over a weekend. The day student must come to the AOD desk in advance of their visit to fill out the sleepover permission form, which needs to be signed by her parent and approved by the Dean of Students or Director of Residential Life no less than 24 hours in advance of their stay.
  • Non-Madeira Overnight Guests: Students wishing to have non-Madeira student guests stay overnight with them must request permission from the Dean of Students Office at least one week in advance and guests must be at least 12 years of age. These visits will be limited to Friday and Saturday evenings.

As always should you have any questions, first please re-read the appropriate section of the Student Parent Handbook.  If, after doing so, you are still confused please come see Mrs. Newsome, Mr. Southworth, or Ms. Walton. Or, perhaps you just want to understand the “why” behind something.  If so come and ask the Dean of Students office, we welcome your questions!