All School EduCase Day

March 18, 2015

On March 13, the last day of Module 5, students, faculty, and staff participated in the first all-school EduCase Day. The day involved over 75 different sessions, ranging from screening the student-produced documentary about the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone to an activity-based session about economic incentives and private property rights. Several of the most popular sessions were completely student led, like the SLAM Poetry Workshop. As part of the day, seniors in Co-Curriculum Module 5 also presented their capstone projects. Eleven seniors outlined the type of in-depth projects they were able to work on by going to work daily during the module, and what the juniors might expect if they were to choose an internship at that company or organization.

The Co-Curriculum internships profiled were wide-ranging in focus. From Dara Summey working in the development office at Fair Girls, a DC-based non-profit that fights human trafficking in the United States, to Jordan Isaac working for The M Group, architects and interior design firm. Benny Xu, who spent her internship at Fornash Jewelry Company said, “I got really good at Excel spreadsheets. And I learned that the wholesale and online sales were the majority of the company’s business. It helped me understand that when I have my own business, I won’t invest in a retail space first. I’ll start with online sales.”

An outgrowth of researching academic programs and schedules over the last several years, the day was intended to allow for collaboration and inspiration. While considering the modular schedule, an idea that kept surfacing was to allow for days to come together as a community to collaborate, work in small groups, and learn from each other. There was a particular aspiration to have students be the presenters – to share their ideas and what they have learned. With those goals in mind, a team that included the Innovation and Information Department (i2) and the Co-Curriculum Office, and several faculty members began planning Madeira EduCase over a year ago. 

What resulted was a day that showcased the Madeira community and classrooms. “It was a massive educational conference for the Madeira community held by the Madeira community,” said Ms. Tippens of the Innovation and Information Department. The call for presenters was met enthusiastically and what proved most difficult was trying to schedule and find room for all the exciting sessions.

“What a fantastic day at Madeira!” said Head of School Ms. Cabeza de Vaca. “The only hard part was having to decide which sessions to attend, since they were all compelling,” she continued. “The faculty, staff, and students who made this event happen have a lot to be proud of.”

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