Advanced Acting Classes present first showcase

February 11, 2016

On February 4th, students were invited to be an audience for the first Advanced Acting Showcase. Students from the Advanced Acting class created original performance pieces based on themes that were important to them. Their work consisted of movement, dance, poetry, monologues and scenes. The pieces were woven together seamlessly, with classmates participating in various aspects of each student’s work. The showcase was entitled “Our Stories.” 

Faith Slaughter ’16, created a piece on the difficulties of caring for someone with mental illness. “I took this class so that I could be a more comfortable actress and find new ways to effectively develop the characters I play,” said Faith. “In advanced acting I learned about ways to be more concentrated and thoughtful on stage. I developed techniques that help me better understand the roles I play and ways to make my lines and presence more authentic and unique.”  

Niara Phoenix '16 and Gaelyn Smith '16 both created pieces that spoke about being black in America today. "Their performances were very well received, making the audience both laugh and sigh," said teacher Krista Cowan.