2020 Miss Greenway crowned

January 24, 2020

A new year brings a new Miss Greenway! Miss Greenway is an annual contest organized by the Boarding Committee. Each dorm chooses a candidate to represent them and that contestant must compete in various categories. It’s one of the most anticipated dorm competitions of the year.

This year’s contestants were Lily Rathbun ’20, East Dorm, Caroline Cruze ’20 Main Dorm, Alex Lawler ’22, New Dorm, Ferrari Tachapanich ’20, North Dorm, A’Nya Harrison '20, South Dorm, and Kyla Butler ‘21, West Dorm.

There are four categories: costume, trivia, short answer question, and talent. In order to succeed in the trivia contest, the contestants needed to be incredibly familiar with all things Madeira, including questions such as: “How many trees are on the Oval, how many campus houses are there, and what is Madeira’s mission?”

This year’s open answer question asked, “If you had unlimited funds, what Madeira program would you fund?” The answers were as diverse as the contestants, ranging from creating a diversity program, to furthering the Co-Curriculum program and allowing the foreign languages to have more study abroad opportunities.The

The talent portion, a fan favorite, followed. Each contestant performed a “talent” that was in step with her dorm theme. From a rendition of "Smelly Cat" in tribute to East Dorm’s Friends theme and Main Dorm’s Greek yogurt making lesson, each dorm kept the audience entertained.

After careful deliberation by the judges, Mr. Pratt, Ms. Belsher, Mr. Brunett, and Ms. Dowd, South Dorm’s A’Nya Harrison was crowned Miss Greenway 2020.


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