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2020-2021 student leaders announced

May 14, 2020

The results are in! The Madeira student leaders have been named for the 2020-2021 school year. 

The student government is voted in by all grade levels after an All School Meeting where candidates state their case to represent the school the following year. The following week, the class meetings are held, speeches are given, and voting occurs grade-by-grade. Freshman student leaders will be elected early in the fall.

The following is the student leadership for grades 10 through 12 for next school year:

Student Government:
Head of Boarding:
Alexa Ekhelar ‘21
Head of Day: Gaby Waksberg ‘21
Head of Judiciary: Laila White ‘21
Co-Heads Community Service: Grace Thomas ’21 & Amanda Oliver’22
Co-Heads of Diversity and Inclusion/Student Diversity Board: Salimah Hagmagid ’21 & Alex Lawler ‘22

Red Team Captains: Kaitlyn Alsina ’21, Ruva Kiara ’21, & Alanna Korff ‘22
White Team Captains: MJ Bailey ’21 & Page DiStefano ‘22

Student Welcoming and Weekly Activities Group:
Activity Representatives: Carolyn Keen ‘21 & Ashley Zheng ‘22
Co-Heads of Ambassadors: Sherry Gong ‘21 & Jenny Nguyen ‘22

Boarding Committee:
Main Dorm: Luna Qiu ’21 & Maggie McCabe ‘22
North Resident Assistants: Sarah Abara ’21 & Rowan Smith ‘22
South Resident Assistants: Chloe Zeng ’21 & Chi Hoang ‘22
East Resident Assistants: Destiny McWilliams ’21 & Lindsay Li ‘22
New Resident Assistants: Danielle Peterkin ’21 & Isabelle Murdock ‘22
West Resident Assistants: Ina Zhang ’21, Renn Guard ‘22 & Kyla Butler '21

Class Officers:
Class of 2021: Olivia Carnot & Katherine Moe
Class of 2022: Kyra Joostema & Zelda Truong
Class of 2023: Ayana Ahuja & Maylynn Rodriguez
Class of 2024: Will be elected once school year has started

Head Tour Guide: Charlotte Blocher ‘21
Marketing STARS: Mallory Bernstein ‘21, Heston Friedrichs ‘21, Kaitlyn Cronin ‘22, Sophie Wang ‘22
Event STARS: Margaret Ayers ‘23, Sarisa Kongduang ‘23, Catherine Ndumbalo ‘23, Sage Ward ’23  

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