2016 Science Fair results

March 30, 2016

On Thursday, March 10, fifty-six students participated in the annual Madeira Science Fair. A total of 21 judges from various fields, including two alumnae, three current parents, six past parents, and even one past grandparent, reviewed 34 projects. The judges awarded prizes to 20 students for the following 12 projects.

Prizes were awarded in the following categories:

Engineering and Design

Students were required to design and build a device that performed a function (not from a kit). It could be something new or an improvement on an existing device.

  • Gardener 1.0 – Emma Sun ’16 and Anne Yang ’16
  • Robotic Hand – Anne Forrest Butler ’18 and Trudy Painter ’19

Experimental Research

Students were required to ask a question, form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, and collect and analyze data.

  • Rollercoasters! – Dani Huber-Inbar ’16 and Isabel Ruffin ’16
  • Hot Colors – Alexandra Murphy ’19

Literature Research

Students were required to research a scientific topic and present their findings.

  • Lessening Lactose Intolerance – Juna Khang ’16 and Zoe Zloch ’17
  • A Closer Look at Alzheimer’s Disease – Tara Dilmaghani ’16
  • The Effects of Microgravity on the Human Body – Maddy Clemente ’17
  • The 5-Second Rule: Myth or Truth – Cindy Bai ’16 and Yiman Wang ’16
  • Allergy – Sally Cao ’18 and Vinnae Edgerly-Collins ’18
  • Fall in Love with Graphene – Joanna Su ’18 and Fay Zhang ’18
  • The Link Between Blood Type and Disease – Erica Landry ’18
  • H2NO: What You Didn’t Know About Water – Kathryn Fronabarger ’19 and Astha Kulshrestha ’19