2014 spring karate finishes strong

May 27, 2014

On May 15, thirteen girls received special honors or promotions in USA Goju Karate at the Madeira Dojo.  Throughout the term, students developed empty-hand techniques including blocks, strikes, kicks, forms, and sparring combinations. This term also offered the opportunity to work with the five foot staff or bo.  The girls committed to learning a complex bo form which taught them a great deal about patience and perseverance.  Through karate training, students develop mental focus, self-confidence, cooperative spirit, and leadership skills in addition to physical techniques. The following honors and promotions were received:

San-kyu ho (brown stripe on purple belt, this is a preparatory rank for brown belt testing upon continued commitment and training):  Yuanxin (Ashley) Ma ’15

Yon-kyu ho (purple stripe on green belt, this is a preparatory rank for purple belt testing upon continued commitment and training.):  Rebecca Leidenheimer ’16

Go kyu (green belt):  Mona Hagmagid ’16

Roku kyu (two-stripe white belt):  Juna Khang ’16, Mandy Margaret Reilly ’16, and Xueting (Christina) Yan ’15

Shichi kyu (one-stripe white belt):  Chioma Anomnachi ’17, Grace Kennedy ’16, and Judy Ko ‘17

Ranking purple belt, Julia Berley ’15, and ranking green belts, Catarina Conran ’15, Ann Tait Hall ’16, and Kyra Smith ’16 received USA Goju belt pins and lapel patches for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the dojo. The karate activity will continue to be offered during the D block next year.  All students are welcome to participate.