Parent Giving

Like all independent schools, Madeira depends on the support of its community to raise funds for The Madeira Fund which supports the School’s annual operating budget. 

Madeira parents have established a strong tradition of support for the School by giving to The Madeira Fund. By supporting Madeira’s financial needs through donating to The Madeira Fund, you are expressing your confidence in the school’s mission. 

Five Most Frequently Ask Questions About Parent Giving

1. What is the parent giving goal this year?


Goal $365,000

Total $351,234 (as of April 30,2019)

Parent participation is 48% as of 4/30/19.

2. Who is leading the effort?

The 2018-2019 Madeira Fund Parent Co-Chairs are Kathy and Matt Kenyon P'19 and Lisa and Christian Richter P'20. They are joined by a team of more than 20 parent volunteers who comprise the Madeira Fund Parents Committee

3. Why is parent participation so important? 

Our first goal is 95 percent parent participation from parents for a number of reasons. First, by participating in The Madeira Fund, you show your support for the community, Madeira’s mission, and its faculty. Second, you help to ensure each girl receives the benefits of the Madeira experience. Last, foundations that make grants to schools such as Madeira often look at parent participation as a gauge of community support.

See our FAQ for more answers on the importance of The Madeira Fund.

4. What is the individual class participation so far this year?

Senior Class - 2019
Junior Class - 2020
Sophomore Class - 2021
Freshman Class - 2022


More Questions?

Please contact Mari McDonald, Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Parent Engagement, in the Development Office at 703-556-8256 or mmcdonald@madeira.org.