Next Generation Society


Madeira is pleased to invite you to join the Next Generation Society: an exciting opportunity to preserve and strengthen the School’s signature program by endowing Co-Curriculum for future generations of Madeira girls. 

Membership Benefits

  • Name recognized on the Next Generation Society donor plaque and in publications 
  • Annual invitation to join Madeira on Capitol Hill for a tour, lunch, and guest speaker 
  • Annual conversations with senior School leadership and current girls to discuss the latest on Co-Curriculum 
  • Quarterly updates on Co-Curriculum placements 
  • Being part of a committed group that wants to make a tremendous impact on Co-Curriculum at Madeira 

Membership Requirements

Members of the Next Generation Society give outright or pledge $10,000 to Co-Curriculum — allowing current and future generations of Madeira girls to benefit from unique experiential learning opportunities and ensuring the continued financial strength of Madeira. 

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Since 1966, Co-Curriculum has helped Madeira girls find their calling or given them the necessary insight to pivot toward a more suitable career. It informed what our girls wanted to be and shaped who they became. Now, you can ensure the future of Co-Curriculum and help the current and future generations of Madeira girls continue to launch themselves into the world with strength, resilience, and determination.

Running such a robust experiential learning program takes significant resources. Madeira currently allocates, on average, $250,000 of its annual operating budget to cover the salaries and benefits of Co-Curriculum staff, transportation to Capitol Hill and other job sites, outreach marketing and publications, and other relevant needs.

A key pillar of the All the Difference campaign is to endow Co-Curriculum at $5 million — the amount needed to fund the program in perpetuity. An endowment of this size will create an income stream from which Madeira can draw to fully cover the program’s operating costs every year. It will also help to ensure that the program will always be a dynamic, creative, innovative, and crucial component of the Madeira experience, even during uncertain economic times.

Your Next Generation Society membership will help complete the endowment of Co-Curriculum and safeguard its excellence for future generations of Madeira girls.

We are so thankful for our Next Generation Society members:

  • Karen and Mike Bennett, P'18, '21
  • Missy Baker Boney `79
  • Margaret Heun Bradford `64
  • Ingrid Braun `15
  • Megan Billings Broker '89
  • Becca Gardner Campbell `72
  • Beth and R. Scott Campbell P`14
  • Debra and Art Dean P`08,`11
  • Amanda Forgason Dempsey ‘98
  • Francie von Stade Downing `74
  • Anne Faircloth `87
  • Jan & Alex Floyd P’00
  • CeCe Turner Haydock `71
  • Page Hopkins '81
  • Heather Muir Johnson ‘77
  • Lisa Heun Locke `60
  • Cecilia Mermel MacCallum `83
  • Dudley von Stade Mason `71
  • Helen Muir Milby `83
  • Christina Floyd Myers ‘00
  • Janet Osborn P'11
  • Ann Rasenberger `71
  • Wendy Woodworth Robbins `76
  • Jim and Lorre Ruffin P'13,'16
  • Catherine Rosenthal Stuart `73
  • Marti Bellingrath Sullivan `72, P`02
  • Anita Patel Tolani '91 and her daughter, Shreya Tolani '24
  • Nancy Rodwell Tuohy `88
  • Holland Williams '83
  • Audrey Baxter Young '80