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Madeira Athletics is adding a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee in 2019-2020. The purpose of SAAC is to give student athletes the opportunity to provide the department input, help continue to build community throughout the athletic program, and to serve as a liaison for their class and fellow athletes. This committee will be comprised of 3 or 4 student-athletes from each grade level, with a one-year commitment. Student-Athletes are able to reapply at the end of each if they would like to continue to serve on the committee for the following year. 


SAAC will consist of 2-3 student athletes from each grade level and will be involved in the discussion of the following topics:
  • Varsity Lettering
  • Attendance
  • Athletics Gear
  • Increasing School Spirit 
  • Bettering the athlete experience
  • Additional topics will be covered
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