Spirit Rock Painting Request Form

Request the opportunity to paint the Spirit Rock in front of the Hurd Gymnasium 

 Guidelines for Painting:

 1.     The Spirit Rock must be painted in a one hour time frame in one session (not split between two painting sessions). Please make sure your group is appropriately prepared before taking on the task. Painting the rock takes more paint and time than you may think. 

2.     Spray paint and acrylic paint are the only paints allowed on the rock.

3.     If approved, your paint design will be guaranteed on the rock for at least one week, but is not guaranteed for more than one week.  

4.     Your decoration is a reflection of both your group and the larger Madeira community. Please ensure your design is appropriate and well painted.  

5.     If more than one application is turned in for a particular time period, the request that was submitted first will be allowed one week, and the second request will follow. 

6.     You may not paint until you have received approval of your design.

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Contact Information of Person Requesting Rock Painting

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