Horse Donations

Madeira is a Washington, D.C. area independent boarding and day school that educates girls in grades 9-12. The equestrian program has been an important part of the athletic curriculum at Madeira for over 70 years. With a focus on teaching good horsemanship and hunter seat equitation the program serves riders of all different levels. Details below outline how to donate a horse to Madeira's equestrian program. 

Madeira Riders - Equestrian ProgramOur wonderful school horses, that have been donated by generous individuals, are the Equestrian Program’s backbone. All of our horses receive top-notch care including daily turnout and the highest quality feed, hay, and supplements. At times, the program will have openings for mentally and physically sound horses of all levels that are capable of being ridden once per day, 5-6 days a week in small group lessons.

Horse Donation Process

  1. Complete the Prospective Horse Donation Application
  2. The director of equestrian programs will contact you regarding your horse
  3. We will request a video of your horse before accepting it into the program on trial. (This helps to avoid unnecessary shipping costs and arrangements)
  4. After reviewing the video, the director will contact you to arrange a 30-day trial period.
    This is to make sure that your horse will work for our program and that your horse will be comfortable and happy in our program. We require owners to pay all shipping cost to transport the horse to our facility and home (if needed). We also want to make sure that your horse will work for our program so that we can help to secure your donation for the IRS required three-year period.
  5. For horses accepted on trial we will need the following:
    • A letter stating that the horse is being donated to The Madeira School
    • Signed trial contract (provided by us)
    • Access to the horse’s veterinary records
    • IRS Form 8283 with donor’s tax ID number
    • A copy of an appraisal you acquire for the horse (We can assist in arranging this if needed)
  6. Following the trial period, if the horse is accepted we will provide you with an official letter from the school acknowledging the gift, as well as the IRS Form 8283 signed by our CFO.

Thank you for your interest in donating your horse to our program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Director of Equestrian Programs Ian McCartney at imccartney@madeira.org or 703-967-8615.