Athletic & Activity Requirements



To fulfill the graduation requirement, students must complete three seasons of activities annually, two of which must be team credits. Team credits can be earned through participation in interscholastic team sports and other activities deemed to have a group orientation, where the group is working towards a shared outcome for which there is an external audience beyond Madeira’s community.


Students who participate in athletics at an elite level or in sports that are not offered at Madeira, may be eligible to receive athletic credit for their independent activities. Students interested in applying for independent activity credit may pick up an application from the Academic Office. The application will explain the necessary requirements. At no point will a girl be allowed to earn more than eight activity credits independently.


It is the expectation that each athlete attend every practice and every game (including post-season competitions) in order to receive activity credit. Missing practices or games for other club teams will be considered an absence and may affect a student’s eligibility to earn credit. This policy is subject to the discretion of the Director of Athletics and the athlete’s respective coach.
Activity Dates for the Current School Year

This year’s athletic season/activity dates are:

  • Fall Trimester: September-November
  • Winter Trimester: November-February
  • Spring Trimester: February-May

Athletic Assembly Dates

An Athletic Assembly occurs after each season. Athletic Assembly dates are posted on the school calendar.