Fall Adidas Required Gear

Fall Sports Team stores will be open starting June 25 and close July 8 at midnight! Please direct any questions to Athletic Director, Katie LaRue.

As you gear up for BACK-TO-SCHOOL shopping, here’s how to outfit yourself for practice and travel!  Each Fall JV and Varsity Athletic team will have required apparel for D block practices. If you are participating in a Fall sport, you must wear these required items to practice every day.

Below you’ll see flyers for each fall sport listing required apparel.  Follow the instructions on the flyer and you’ll be all set in no time! The shopping period is limited so as you do your shopping, please pay particular attention to the store’s open and close dates of June 25-July 10, 2018

We look forward to seeing our athletes back on the fields, courts and in the pool at the end of August! We are ready for a great year with continued commitment to making Madeira Athletics a powerful experience for your daughter!

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Field Hockey