Dance at Madeira

Dance at Madeira is a highlight of the performing arts program, because classes are taught by professional dancers who perform and teach at the highest levels on the East Coast and internationally.

Dance Classes 

Madeira offers dance classes as an athletic D block activity.  The genres offered are ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary movement.  All classes are taught by sought after dance professionals in the D.C. metro area.  The two dance programs to choose from are Madeira Dancers and Select Dance.  Select Dance allows students to train and perform at a high level and to grow as dance artists.  Select takes a serious and dedicated approach with performance opportunities off campus along with five school performances per school year.  Madeira Dancers is open for any level of dancer and is offered the same genres as Select Dance at a beginner/intermediate level.  The Madeira Dancer is offered the opportunity to move up to Select, if desired, by audition or approval of the director. Master classes offered  throughout the year include musical theater, hip hop, jazz, bollywood and afro fusion.

Madeira Dance Troupes

Dancers can audition to participate in more advanced level training and performance opportunities with Madeira Select. This program allows students to train, perform, and attend master classes with top professionals and to grow as dance artists. 


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