Film Program

Lights! Camera! Action! The film program at Madeira is a signature mix of classroom experience and hands-on learning.

Madeira’s growing film program currently consists of two courses. The experience of participating in these classes is priceless. You will learn to concept, write, shoot, and edit a film, thinking all the while about characterization and acting, music, pacing, and learning the tools and techniques of the filmmaking trade. Whether you want to make documentaries, shorts, or feature-length action adventures, the film program is a fantastic start to a career in “the business.”

MAD Films from Film Production class

This "Wind-Up" assignment

asked students to tell a story using a wind-up toy:

Iman Karram ’14 shows this tiger’s quest to capture a cookie!

Sierra Giles '14 captured the movement and activities of her caterpillar, and especially his race to hide in the classroom before students found him!



Miranda Vela ’17 chose to profile her math teacher, Ms. Jeannie Rumsey.

The “Art Work” assignment

consisted of capturing an activity from different angles:

Isabel Conesa'14 filmed her classmate drawing a picture using a variety of close-up and medium shots. She edited her footage together to create this short story.