Alumnae Council

The Alumnae Council is made up of alumnae who represent a broad range of age, interest, skill sets and geography and who are personally engaged and philanthropically committed to the school. 

Members 2020-2021

Soudarak (Sue) Luangkhot Hoppin ’87, Springfield, VA Favorite Madeira memory: There are so many, but my favorite memories are probably the days we spent on Capitol Hill during our Junior year co-curriculum placements. I didn’t know back then how important that time would be in shaping my advocacy work, but even as a teenager, I recognized it was an amazing opportunity. 


Vice President    
Katherine Kies ’07, New York, NY Favorite Madeira Memory: There are too many to really name one, but everything from the dinners post field hockey practice in the dining hall to Friday advisory group meetings were just the everyday favorites. The French Tea Mrs. Keilhauer hosted at her house was a really special time too! 


Rhea Somaiya ‘14, New York, NY Favorite Madeira Memory: For me, every day and the little moments were my favorite at Madeira. This includes meeting my very best friend who is now my sister, sitting in the dining hall for way too long chatting, running up the hill so I would not be late for ASM, and the personal growth I experienced in and out of the classroom.  




Christine Jepsen Ahern 87, Athens, GA

Favorite Madeira Memory: Last chance room inspection by Miss Giz and Mrs. King, junior year in South Dorm. Eventually...we passed! However, Octavia McLeod Barrett and I were forced to part with our friend "Mr. Mozzarella," a desiccated pizza slice we kept in a cigar box on the window ledge. 

Senna James Austin 88, Springfield, VA  

Favorite Madeira Memory: I was in Model UN with several women who turned out to be amazing lawyers. My current hobby is starting but not completing multiple house projects. 

Maryam Ayromlou 85 - Great Falls, VA  Favorite Madeira Memory: Favorite Madeira Memory: Picnics on the front lawn outside of Main during Founder's Day enjoying strawberries and whipped cream.
Lena Badr '11 - Arlington, VA Favorite Madeira Memory: Running back into Main during a fire drill to find my roommate brushing her teeth. Probably shouldn't have left her in the first place... sorry Elise! 
CeCe Davenport Berkowitz '89 - Denville, NJ    
Christina Dean 11 - Arlington, VA

Favorite Madeira Memory: My first Founders Day at Madeira! Hobbies include Books, hospitality, travel, great food and wine. 

Betty Momenian Dinarte '96 - McLean, VA

Favorite Madeira Memory: Ornithology Class with Mr. Trott. I took the Ornithology  elective class my first semester of Madeira as a freshman with almost all seniors and Mr. Trott explained to us on the first day of class the meaning of the word "anthropomorphic". He explained that birds do not have human characteristics and are "not cute".  He had an amazingly dry wit and I loved his class.  He took us on guided nature walks of the Madeira campus on the weekends.   

Lauryn Douglas 06 - Seattle, WA

Favorite Madeira Memory: Working and talking [too much] in the library! Hobbies include: hiking, traveling, and playing with my dog. 

Lanique Eubanks 95 - Ashburn, VA

Favorite Madeira Memory: Strawberries and ice cream! Hobbies include: Spinning, running, and downtime 

Virginia Falzon ’09 - Potomac, MD  


Andrea Hatfield '72 - Washington, DC

Our senior class participated in an exchange with Woodberry Forest, which involved a group of Madeira girls going to live in a dorm at Woodberry for two weeks, and a group of Woodberry boys coming to Madeira. It was quite memorable! Suffice it to say that as far as I know the experiment was never repeated.  I also enjoyed my Capitol Hill internship, which led to several subsequent jobs when I returned to live in Washington after college. 

Katherine Jenkins '08 - Denver, CO  


Kristin Joostema '16 - Great Falls, VA

Favorite Madeira Memory: My favorite memories were backstage during opening night of every show. I loved watching everyone in the cast and crew shine as all the hard work we put in was shared with an audience. 

Caroline Klaff '12 - Washington, DC

Favorite Madeira Memory: Madeira memories hit me in strong, nostalgic flashes -- discussing The Odyssey, Canterbury Tales, or Modern World History while sitting at a small wooden desk Schoolhouse 1; taking the field with the Madeira soccer team on a cool October evening; cramming for a test or relaxing with friends in the Student Center between classes; discovering my passion for politics and policy during my co-curriculum internship on Capitol Hill....I look back on my time at Madeira fondly and frequently. 

Jane McAllister 73 - McLean, VA

Favorite Madeira Memory: Playing Alice in scenes from “Alice in Wonderland“. Hobbies include: editing, ceramics, photography, sewing/quilting, calligraphy, political volunteering, supporting the arts. 

Emery Mikel '96 - Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Madeira Memory: Most of my favorite memories are from being up at the C/A rehearsing for plays and working behind the scenes in tech theater. I only ever ended up playing male roles throughout all 4 years of high school and my favorite was my very first fall freshman year when I was cast as Trinculo in The Tempest. It was my introduction to the world of theater and the close knit community that forms around that. It launched everything that led to me being a theater directing undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University and all that came after. Acting brought out my sense of humor and fun side while directing one acts Junior and Senior year revealed my love of directing and entrepreneurial talents when in charge of a group of people. 

Kristen O'Donnell ’08 - Washington, DC  


Frances Atkins Radosevich '02 - Chicago, IL  

Favorite Madeira Memory: How to choose?! Snow days, shenanigans in the dorms, participating in musicals and recitals, AP European History, reunions, being an alumna with my mother (’72). 

Eboney Warren 90 - Washington, DC