Cost of Attendance

The tuition cost at Madeira is a comprehensive fee including the student activity fee, technology fee, class dues and graduation fee.  

Fees for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Boarding Comprehensive Fee


Day Comprehensive Fee


In addition to Madeira's education services, the comprehensive fee includes all expenses associated with participation in athletic programs (uniforms, officiating, a full time athletic trainer, and transportation), our performing arts program, all transportation for the nationally recognized Co-Curriculum program, three meals a day during the week and two meals a day on weekends, college counseling activities, use of a full-time counselor, and nearly round-the-clock supervision by adults in the community.

Additional Instruction Fees:

In some instances, if the program is geared for only a small number of students, or the costs associated fall outside of what would be considered a traditional school program, we will charge for those activities. Examples of these fees include:

International Student English Program: We require all students who have not studied in an English speaking academic program for the past three years to take two years of specialized instruction for their English class. This program is very successful in preparing the international students to perform successfully in the advanced level classes. For each of the two years that a student would participate in the ESOL course, the charge is $5,235 a year. 

Equestrian Program: We are proud to serve a wide range of horseback riders in our program. Some girls ride all seven modules, all four years, and others move in and out of our equestrian program based on their other interests within our program. There are fees associated with riding instruction and horse boarding.