The Middle School Passion Project Award

Are you a 6th or 7th grade student with a passion?

The Middle School Passion Project Award recognizes girls who want to put their passion, initiative, and knowledge to work in an area of great personal interest and meaning. 


Two award winners will receive a $350 each to faciliate their participation in an experience realted to their passion, to fund their exploration of a topic about which they are curious, or to extend their engagement with an organization that is aligned with a cause to which they are committed.

Award recipients will also receive a full scholarship towards a Girls First! Summer Program! ($2,500 value)


Those applicants who are eligible will:

  • Be students in 6th or 7th grade for the 2019-20 school year
  • Be bright, curious, engaged members of the community
  • Submit their materials by the December 2, 2019 deadline

Application Requirements:

  • Complete the Student Bio Form now! (No later than November 8)
  • Submit a Video Essay by December 2. (This video will not be shared or published with anyone outside of the Madeira community.)

Your Video Essay:

The video should be no longer than 2-3 minutes.

This video is a story about you and the project or experience you are passionate about. Within the story, the following questions should be answered: 

  1. Who Am I?

    What are the things that define you? You choose what you want to focus on. For example, your video may be a tour of your favorite places around town. You may want to introduce your family or a pet. You could talk about a hobby or a sport. This is only limited by your imagination. 

  2. What is the project?

    Describe the project. How did you get interested in it? What makes you excited to see it come to life? 

  3. How will I spend the award money?

    Do you need the money to fly somewhere? To register for a course? To purchase a patent? To buy supplies or equipment? To host a fundraiser? To hire someone? To rent a space?

    View a sample of a video essay

Helpful Tips:


A storyboard lets you organize your thought visually. You can draw your vision, outline it with words or do a combination of the two. A storyboard will include a list of the key scenes with camera angles, dialogue and special effects listed.

Video Footage

You can use new or old video footage or a combination of the two. Watch these videos and read the article for tips on pro filming techniques:


Voiceover: Don't film in a location that has an echo or lots of noise. If the air conditioner turns on, if a helicopter is flying overhead, if the lawn mower is going, then you may need to move to a new location, or wait for those noises to pass before recording.

Music: Try finding appropriate audio from sources like Freeplaymusic.com Remember that you must follow Copyright rules The Fair Use section of my copywriter website explains what to do if you want to use popular music.

  Important Dates
Nov. 8 Student Bio Form Due
Dec. 2 Video Submission Complete
Dec. 16 Winners Announced!



GirlsFirst is a unique camp program designed for Girls entering 7th-10th grade in the fall. Immerse yourself in the Madeira community through two-weeks of focused girl-centered programming. 

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