Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are there at Madeira, and when do they typically enroll?

The 322 girls who attend Madeira usually enroll in the ninth or tenth grade year. We intentionally keep the ninth grade class small so that we can take 15–20 new tenth graders every year.

What is the student-faculty ratio?

We are a small community with small classes where students develop close relationships with teachers. There is one faculty member for every four students at Madeira. Average class size is 12.

How many students are admitted to the freshman class?

We usually admit between 68 and 75 new ninth graders. 

I missed the January 15th application deadline. Is it too late to apply for next year?

If we have space available, we will be willing to accept applications after the January 15th deadline. Please contact the admission office at 703-556-8273 or admission@madeira.org to learn if we are still accepting applications. 

When will I be notified about the admission decision?

If you have completed the application process by January 15, you will receive notification of the decision in early March. 

Does Madeira accept applications to the sophomore, junior, or senior classes?

You are welcome to apply for 9th, 10th, or 11th grade. Admission to all grades is highly selective, and admission to grade 11 is possible if the academic program leading up to that point is similar to Madeira’s, and you have been successful in that program. 

I am on the fence about sending my daughter to an all-girls school. What are the benefits?

Girls at Madeira will tell you things like: “I didn’t enroll because it’s all girls, but now that I’m here I can see the benefits.” Or, “I had no idea you could have such an active social life at an all-girls school,” or, “It is so nice to be in a community where every leadership position, every star athlete, every star in the play is a girl. Our alumnae say things like, “I made the closest friends of my life at Madeira, and remain in touch with them to this day.” But don’t stop at what you read here. Reach out to friends, neighbors, relatives who have attended all-girls schools – they are everywhere! 

Does Madeira offer a PG or gap year?

Yes, Madeira offers a postgraduate program for students seeking a capstone year after graduating from high school. This year affords students to complete classes in their area of interest and complete an immersive five-week internship in the Washington, D.C. area.