My Internship at Madeira

January 9, 2015
by Griffin Ball '15

For the last five weeks I have been interning in the Madeira Communications and Marketing Office. When I began searching for my senior internship placement in April of last year, I had no idea what I wanted to do. There are so many opportunities that D.C. has to offer, yet I just could not find anything that I was super passionate about. As the time for me to find a placement dwindled down I realized that the perfect internship was just a hop, skip, and a jump away (literally). On November 17, 2014, as all the Module 3 Co-Curriculum seniors left campus for their first days, I was driving in through the white gates and walking over to the Annex; a site rarely ever visited by students. The Communications Office, which consists of the awesome Ms. Temple and Ms. Smith, was being housed in the basement of the Annex while their new digs under Main terrace was being built. The cozy workspace was inviting to the creative flow necessary for the department.

My very first project was to edit footage from the sophomore EduCase day. I spent all day watching interviews and finding the perfect clips to compile into a short video clip to best represent the sophomore Co-Curriculum experience. My first road bump of my internship came the next day when I came in to make my final touches: just as I was saving my final product, the campus power went out! The movie project disappeared and I had to do the video again. Honestly though, I was not too bummed out; I had SO much fun putting the video together. Editing videos is like solving a puzzle. All the footage is spread out and scrambled and it is my job to get it to all come together into a – dare I say – masterpiece.

Through my internship I have seen all the different aspects of the communications and marketing world. For two days we held a video shoot with an outside company and I got to see the film production side of communications. I even got to produce a few videos entirely on my own, the Wishing You Joy this Season and Feng Shui with Mr. Meade (check them out on the Madeira Vimeo!). I have also had the chance to test my hand at journalism and cover stories about the happenings of Madeira classes such as Dr. Johnson’s Contemporary Issues in Science class and their Ebola documentary project. I got a behind the scenes look at the Madeira website and gained experience with the content management system (CMS). Being that I am a teenager and spend practically night and day on social media, it only made sense that I would update the Twitter and Instagram to present the events around campus. How great was it to have a job where I do what I love (i.e. troll social media)? The answer: pretty great. My last day before winter break Ms. Temple took me on a field trip to a print shop where I had the opportunity to learn all about the ins and outs of printing, which is what I did my capstone project on.  

It is hard to believe that my time as the communications intern is coming to a close. I have learned so much thanks to Ms. Temple and Ms. Smith. I am going to miss it so much, thank goodness I can always come back to visit in their awesome new workspace in Main.