Technology Systems at Madeira

The Madeira school uses a number of systems in order to best serve the community.  Madeira’s philosophy is to use best of breed and does not adhere to the “one-size-fits-all” model of technology.  Our systems support both Apple and Microsoft products.  Faculty will use a variety of technology tools for the delivery of and integration with course content in order to maximize learning outcomes.  We believe that through this model we are fully serving our students for a world of ever-evolving technologies and tools.  Online tools may behave differently depending on the browser that one uses. If problems arise with one of these systems, changing browsers will at times correct the issue.

These systems are the primary technologies used by the Madeira community:

MyBackpack – MyBackpack is an online SMS (Student Management System). MyBackpack has a variety of functions that include schedules, module grades, assignment grades, attendance, directory information, and information gathering through the use of forms.  All parents and students have an account for MyBackpack. 

Magnus Health System – Magnus is our secure health form portal.  Only parents have an account for Magnus and that account/password is identical to the parent MyBackpack account. 

PowerSchool Learning – PowerSchool Learning is an online LMS (Learning Management System).  PowerSchool Learnig is used by faculty to post course specific information that may include a syllabus, class notes, assignments, and other course related material.  In addition, some faculty may require that homework be turned in through the PowerSchool Learning system.  Only faculty, staff, and students have accounts in PowerSchool Learning.  This account is tied to the student’s network/email account with the password being identical.   The login is of the format (first initial) (last name) i.e. Lucy Madeira would have a login on lmadeira. 

Office 365 – Office 365 is an online suite of products by the Microsoft Corporation.  Madeira’s email, cloud storage, applications, etc. are accessed through the Office 365 portal.  All Madeira students have access to the suite of Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc.) at no cost.  Latest versions for Apple and Windows platforms are available.  In addition, Microsoft Office apps are available for download through the Apple Store for iPads and iPhones.   The login for Office 365 is the users Madeira email address.