Distance Learning will continue through the end of the school year. See our Coronavirus page for updates.


New technologies have a firm foothold in the Madeira community. Madeira faculty use hardware, software, and cloud-based resources to engage with and teach students in myriad ways.

Four ways in which Madeira is optimizing technology use:

  1. All teachers have devices and all classrooms have Apple TVs. These devices enable teachers to access and display primary resources in the moment.
  2. Two dedicated and talented Educational Technology Specialists provide the Madeira community with technology training, research, and classroom support. They are constantly assessing new technologies in order to determine education relevance.
  3. Madeira has an extensive Wi-Fi network to support our robust BYOD environment (BYOD Policy). This enables students to get their work done, whether they are in the student center lounge or on the Oval. 
  4. Students engage in hands-on learning when we incorporate new technology into academic life. For example, students are building pyramids using Minecraft in history class, shooting their own films in a film course, and using their own devices for lab work in the sciences.

Beyond Apple TVs, classrooms at Madeira contain a wide array of technology. Smart Boards, overhead digital projectors, and document cameras are available for teachers’ use. All the classrooms at Madeira have network and Internet access and the campus utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for our phone system. In the hands of talented educators, these tools enhance student learning, taking it to new and exciting levels. 

Department of Technology

The Department of Technology is available to students for technology counseling, configurations, repairs, and service. The DOT is located in Schoolhouse 1 and can be reached at dot@madeira.org.