The library subscribes to several online databases to help you do your work.  Additionally you can use your Fairfax County Public Library Card to access more resources. 

Journals, Magazines and Newspapers 

Gale Databases  Madeira provides access to a selection academic resources from Gale and you can access additional Gale products using your Fairfax County Public Library Card: Biography in Context, LitFinder, Literary Sources, the public library's selection of titles in the Gale Virtual Reference Library, and Science In Context.  To see all the Gale products accessible with your public library card, go directly to their Online Resources Page.  Find information on accessing Gale Databases off-campus.

JSTOR is another scholarly database. It contains the complete archives of each journal accessible through their site up through the last two to five years, depending on the journal. For example, through JSTOR, you can get articles in Science from 1880 through 1997. JSTOR and Project Muse also link together to provide you with access to current articles in 25 journals held by both resources. Find information on how to access JSTOR off-campus.

LexisNexis allows researchers to search for documents from more than 17,000 credible sources including newspapers, news networks, court decisions, etc.  Check out their Commands-At-A-Glance search tips for better searching! Off Campus access to LexisNexis (see passcode info in Powerschool).

The Modernist Journals Project features digital editions of culturally important magazines from the early 20th century.

ProQuest: This site has the following databases: eLibrary, The History Study Center as well as, ProQuest Platinum, which indexes over 2,000 magazines, newspapers, journals and reference books. Through the Fairfax County Public Library, we have access to historical issues of The New York Times and the Washington Post as well as current issues of many national dailies.  Go directly to the Online Resources Page and look for these ProQuest resources. Find information on how to access ProQuest off-campus.