9th Grade Co-Curriculum

Ride down a zip line; speak before a live audience; learn to manage your personal finances – these are some of the challenges you’ll conquer in your freshman year at Madeira.

The 9th grade Co-Curriculum will ease your transition into the Madeira community, prepare you for Madeira’s academic rigors, and help you develop habits of collaboration and risk taking that will serve you well for a lifetime. Through trust exercises and challenges that demand collaborative problem solving, freshman Co-Curriculum creates a supportive environment in which every student builds confidence, resilience, and a strong sense of self.


  • Study skills
  • Digital citizenship
  • Health and wellness
  • Public speaking
  • Creating community
  • Self-identity and diversity classes

Field Trips and Outdoor Adventures

Classroom experiences are punctuated by a series of outdoor leadership activities including the Inner Quest ropes challenge course, kayaking, horseback riding, and team building and class bonding activities.