What to Expect Senior Year

Senior year is the capstone of years of study and hands-on learning. Your schedule of courses and a Co-Curriculum internship will reflect the choices you’ve made since your first year. Then there is the college application process to think about.

Applying to College

The big topic of the first semester of senior year is college applications, and you can expect to spend a lot of time with the College Counseling staff. You may mull the question of applying early to your top choice school. You may consider whether you want a liberal arts college experience or you want to study at a large research university. You may talk with your advisor about the prospect of an academic career in his or her field. Senior year is the time when you may lean on your teachers and advisors most for wisdom about life. 

Senior Classwork and Co-Curriculum

In your classes and in the Co-Curriculum, senior year offers a great deal more independence than you will have experienced so far. Your four-year track of required English classes ends with an array of fascinating electives or with AP English Literature. You may be in your most advanced year of language study, preparing for an AP language exam in French, Latin, or Spanish. Your science courses may be entirely at the AP level – AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics. Or you may have left room for electives in science such as Robotics, Introduction to Computer Program, Topics in STEAM or Forensic Science. You may have already taken AP Calculus AB or BC. You could be studying multivariable calculus and linear algebra. Artists may take AP Studio Art. You will choose the courses you want to take. And your senior Co-Curriculum experience will be all your own – chosen by you based on your career aspirations or your vision of a college major.

Leadership Roles 

In terms of extracurriculars, you may be more active than ever as editor of the yearbook or newspaper, director of a one-act play, or captain of a sports team. Senior year is the time in your experience when you can step back and reflect on how far you’ve come – how much more knowledgeable, confident, and skilled you are as a thinker and a leader.