Junior Co-Curriculum

Capitol Hill internships in the offices of senators and representatives are a hallmark of the junior year at Madeira. Direct exposure to the legislative process and to “real life work” has been the reason that Madeira girls graduate with a solid resume that rivals that of most college students.

As a Madeira junior, you will work as an intern in a congressional office, at a lobbying organization, at a government agency, or for a government sub-committee during one five-week module. The range of activities may include conducting research, giving tours, and responding to constituent inquiries. You also gain interpersonal and professional skills that only on-the-job training and experience can teach while at your internship placement four of the five week days.

At the end of your sophomore year, you will begin working with the Co-Curriculum office to apply for internship positions. Madeira has a wide variety of long-term House of Representatives and Senate partners on both sides of the aisle.   

Diving Deeper Into National Issues

A factor when determining your internship placement will be your interest in national policy issue, for instance public education or veteran’s affairs. This policy will be the focus of your capstone project, the research-based culmination of your internship experience. This gives girls the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom – quantitative and analytical reasoning skills, oral and written communication skills, and research and tech skills – with what you have learned through your internship.