Sophomore Co-Curriculum

Service is one of the pillars of Madeira’s founding, and the sophomore Co-Curriculum is grounded in it. In a girl’s first off campus internship experience, she will explore her connection to her local community and the concepts of social responsibility and civic engagement.

Why service? 

Service takes students outside their comfort zones and into unfamiliar environments – challenging environments. These encounters will broaden your understanding of local and global problems that it will take a new generation of leaders to solve. These experiences will inspire you to participate actively by coming up with solutions and then putting them into action. These experiences also develop character. Empathy, self-confidence, and responsibility all become honed while serving others.

Service Opportunities

In groups of 3-5, girls volunteer in area schools, non-profits, and federal programs. These sites represent under-served populations, children at risk, youth with disabilities, and our community’s older citizens, and environmental causes.

Service sites have included: